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Top Riga Activities During Winter

Riga is a winter wonderland when the snow falls and the temperatures drop. Travellers to the Latvian capital can find an assortment of indoor and outdoor activities to keep them busy. Riga offers winter travellers something completely different than Europe’s southern locales. Snow, ice, and cold weather make for an exciting trip and visitors will […]

Riga Nightlife

For many years Riga has been known as a party city, where bars and clubs stay open until sunrise, even in the dark winter months. Riga nightlife has always been centred around the Old Town, however this is gradually changing as more bars and cool hang-outs open in the city. People visit Latvia for many […]

Visit Riga – Where to stay in Latvia’s Dynamic Capital

Riga has quickly become one of the top tourist destinations in Europe. The Latvian capital is a top choice for travelers seeking weekend getaways, long breaks, or backpackers just passing through. Anyone planning to visit Riga can find a wealth of great places to stay. Riga hotels are a great option when staying in the […]

Riga BrewPubs & Craft Beer

The craft beer phenomenon has reached the shores of the Baltics. For many years, Latvian beer was nothing to shout about, however in recent years this has changed with micro-breweries popping up all over the country. These breweries are now producing some outstanding craft beers, ales and ciders that even the most experienced beer connoisseur […]

Things to do in Riga, Latvia on a walking tour

Rigа, the capital of Lаtviа, iѕ one оf the mоѕt bеаutiful сitiеѕ оn the Bаltiс. It has always bееn a fashionable аnd enterprising city. Sometimes called the “Paris of the north”, it has so muсh to оffеr, hеrе are juѕt a fеw things to do in Riga on a walking tour. Rigа iѕ knоwn for […]